red Panda

Red Panda

Red Panda studies.

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  1. This sketches came out AWESOME!

  2. Oh my gawsh, I love these so much O_O… I love that you’re putting so much into shape and form. Absolutely beautiful :)

  3. llamadean93 says:


  4. mikebacon247 says:

    Nice work!

  5. Beautiful :D

  6. These are really great. Is that a cachet earthbound sketchbook? Loved the toned paper.

  7. Waou Nice Firefox !!

    Il love your illustrations and i have publish a post with some of them on my blog Daily Cabot

    Pet Friendly ^^

  8. this is awesome, i can see in the last pic how you dissect the realism and then come up with the toon version, i thought i was one of the few artists who did that! when i want to draw something i have to draw it for what it is first and then after i draw it as real as i can my mind then kinda works backwards and allows me to simplify it sometimes i can do it without drawing it normal first but sometimes i have to dissect it, just awesome

  9. Fiammetta Laville says:

    Amazing work!!

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