Christmas sketches





Here are few sketchbook pages from this month.

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  1. Jeff Dinardo says:

    Dave-Amazing work. Just send you an e-mail about some possible work.



  2. Reblogged this on Shine On.

  3. This is a great job, like it… I am trying to learn sketching and i have a page for that in my blog, i am using the sketchbook app on the ipad, in fact i am selecting cartoons from the net and trying to draw it. If you have any suggestion for me .. 


  4. These are great – the Santa is my favorite; kinda like Santa enjoying his own personal Christmas in a kitschy Christmas sweaty minus all of the responsibilities of being Santa in the first place.

  5. Nice job.

  6. Reblogged this on Chaz K Designs and commented:
    Some very nice illustration for inspiration or just to admire!

  7. Excellent work. I just came across your Alice in Wonderland illustration at Alphabooks. Beautiful!

  8. Your work is amazing :)

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