Panda Hat Girl sketch

20130212-213700.jpg 20130212-213714.jpg

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  1. One of my favorites yet. What’s the pencil you’re using here, bud?

  2. Ha. I’m often spotted wearing glasses and a panda hat. My had used to have pom poms on the ends too but they both fell off.

  3. So dope! I like her a lot!!

  4. LOVE this. So cute :)

  5. haha love this! I love how the panda hat has a funny expression too!

  6. This sketch is really cute. Love facial expressions on both the girl and the panda.

  7. Its amazing :D
    Looks like the panda hat is up to some sort of mischief!

  8. Is there a specific name for this kind of drawing style? I would love to learn a bit more about it. Your art is really amazing!

  9. Ah wicked, really dig your style. And pandas, oh man, where do you even start with the joy that they bring?

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