Caffeinated Owls

Caffeinated Owls

I’ve had multiple requests this week to make a print out of these works. So for those who are interested, here you go –

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  1. awesome!!

  2. Love them!!! :)


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  5. Haaa I love these little guys!

  6. Very good :-)

  7. JaeShiiZou says:

    your picture was used on 9gag, i tracked all the way here via google, I really like your sketch, it’s very cute, dat Irish looks very tipsy ahahaha

    This was on the hot page though

  8. I love the expressions! Only caffiene? Awesome

  9. Is it possible to have a print sent marked as a gift?

    I would like to buy one, but live in Europe where taxes will be applied if not marked as gift.

  10. Very cute! Found your site via google image search; this pic is being shared unattributed at (, shared on Friday April 26). That said, any chance this is joining your t-shirt collection?

  11. These are great; I was laughing out loud by the time I got to the espresso owl!

  12. Love these too – do you ship to the UK?

  13. Jajang says:

    I think i have the same expression with the owl

  14. This is awesome. Love it.

  15. Digging these.

  16. TyrolKat says:

    Would LOVE this print on a T-shirt! So cute

  17. I look just like that double espresso owl after I have a simple espresso

  18. These owls are fantastic. And I thought there’re all cartoon characterizations until I saw this owl photo on icanhazcheezburger. It’s a twin of “Irish Coffee”.

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  20. So funny! haha… Love the illustrations in your site. The best I seen today! :)

  21. This is so funny! Amazing! You have really excellent shading.

  22. Recognise these from fb. They’re pretty famous :D


  1. […] David Mottram shows the effects of coffee and the owls they make in this humorous chart. Time for an Irish coffee. Prints available on Society6. […]

  2. […] Submitted by: Unknown (via Monkey Works) […]

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