Caffeinated Owls

Caffeinated Owls

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  1. Great work! Really love the growing intensity illustrated that suits the different coffees. It’s fun to see your work and I’m a happy follower.
    Looking forward to seeing more from you! It’s really inspiring to see how you illustrate different material, like the feathers in this case. And most inspiring to see how you show expressions in different animals, through facial expressions or through their body stance.
    Keep doing your thing!

  2. Love it!

  3. I would LOVE to have this design on a T-shirt!! <3

  4. this is one tremendously delightful and expressive bit of comic art anthropomorphization. epic!

  5. Hiya, this is gorgeous, I love it. Do you sell prints of your work, perchance? Thanks.


  1. […] Source: Monkey Works […]

  2. Caffeinated Owls

    Just got back home, had my first cup of coffee at 9am — 4 hours too late for me. Made me think

  3. […] Click to enlarge Source: Monkey Works […]

  4. […] Submitted by: Unknown (via Dave Mottram) […]

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