The Grackle







Character design and spot illustrations I did for Houstonia magazine. I’ll be doing more of this boydie throughout the year in different poses and features. One of the things I’m enjoying is trying to capture different colors on the black feathers.

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  1. Love the character. Down South we call them “clackers”

  2. Your Grackle is a great design. It’s tough to anthropomorphize birds. you did a excellent job :D

  3. tleichhorn says:

    I absolutely LOVE these!

  4. Amazing!!

  5. eldinsmille says:

    What a cool character!

  6. Beautiful artwork.
    you have quite a talent!

  7. Black is not always black, as white is not always white. I remember having seen a white table cloth by Cezanne painted in every color but white.

  8. emmastevens says:

    These are beautiful and are fantastic designs! Love them :)

  9. Love your work ;)

  10. Fantastic character designs, I love emotion in character’s face.

  11. The facial expressions you have created really show emotion with every image. I really like your work.

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