Trees and Treehouse sketching





Lots and lotsa tree studies up in here. I’m more into drawing landscape elements now than ever.

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  1. Hi! I love you trees! You do some amazing work :) What kind of media are your colored pieces??

  2. Juan Antonio (Palanqueta) says:

    It’s been a long time that i don’t draw without worries.

    I see that you draw just to express your ideas. Nothing else.
    I like that!

  3. Rick Drescher says:

    Howdy. Your trees are very nice. I really like the two with tree houses. Free and easy style.

  4. Wow! These are absolutely wonderful. They convey so much motion! I’ve seen your work on Society6 before, glad to have found your WordPress. :)

  5. hi o(*^▽^*)o
    I have Nominate you for shine on award.
    have a great day (^▽-)o
    and btw those are reaaaaaaaaaaly beautiful trees I love the one with the hanging house, very nice work.

  6. These are wonderful! I’d like to live in one of those.

  7. Which a wonderful artist your are. Amazing and I love your style. I got totally inspired!

  8. パーカー im ボールペン

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