I’m listening


Still drawing in Manga studio 5. Really enjoying the smooth transition to digital drawing that this program allows.

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  1. Über clean and crisp, nice work!

  2. Is there a program you would recommend to artist going into digital work or like me where i avoid it like the plague cause i work well with it?

  3. I wanna give that dog a good head petting! Nicely done line work and capture. BTW, your work has been popping up quite a bit lately on the design inspiration site called Niice (http://www.niice.co/)

  4. Sweet!

  5. Reblogged this on esrabilgin and commented:
    Çok hoş :)

  6. this is SO precious!! excellent lines!

  7. Great! I like it!

  8. …listening and also thinking about …

    Great painting in grey !

  9. georgemackay772935867 says:

    Awesome! Love the line work. Been thinking about moving from Paint Shop Pro to Manga Studio 5 for creating my eejits. Is there a steep learning curve?

  10. Now that is a dog I’d take home! Very expressive face which is a wonderful thing for any artist to be able to do!

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  12. great hair style. amazing drawing

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