Hungry Hungry Hippos


Who’s hungry? Prints are now up in my shop.

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  1. <3 HIppos

  2. Love the way that each hippo has their own personality. Awesome work.

  3. Haha these Hippos are awesome!

  4. Really cute! I like the yellow one. Keep posting
    Your a great inspiration :)

  5. Very Funny! Beautifully drawn.

  6. these are wonderful!! love the different colors!

  7. These are fantastic. I love that they look so realistic but cartoon-y at the same time. I hope to get there some day. Great work

  8. Those are really wonderful!

  9. Beautifully drawn and love the different colours :-)

  10. Wow these are amazing! Impressive work!

  11. Is there any problem with that hippos other than hungry ?

    Awesome four faces ..!

  12. Il love what you’re doing I’m a big fan of your work !
    Great job ;)

  13. what an awesome work

  14. Love your work. I’m writing a children’s book & I’m practicing my drawing. Keep up the good work!

  15. for me it is a great content … it’s definitely your direction

  16. Dave, This is incredible. I love your sketches.

  17. nice !

  18. love these. is this colored pencil?

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