Good old Hagrid.

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  1. Reblogged this on From Slacker To Scribe.

  2. Just wonderful, the shading must have taken ages! Great job!

  3. Nice! He looks a little like Gimli from LOTR.

  4. This looks really good :)

  5. This is just rite :)

  6. A wonderful drawing, you’ve captured him so well and – the unicorn-button is great :D

  7. Brilliant drawing ;)

  8. aspenlinmer says:

    Great Job!

    You are a very talented artist.



  9. Words cannot describe how happy this made me! Great job on his beard and all that hair!

  10. This is so cool! I love Harry Potter and think you do some of the most detailed drawings ever!!!

  11. this is very cool :-) you can check out our fashion blog: http://www.lesjumellesblog.wordpress.com :-)

  12. I love how your hagrid loves unicorns. Nice touch :)

  13. Very nice….

  14. i love it!

  15. beautiful, such expression in his face, captured the character perfectly!

  16. This looks amazing! I really love the Harry Potter books, and you really made a really nice drawing of Hagrid. Ha, “I love Unicorns”

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