Some monster characters I drew on the Cintiq Companion. This tablet is awesome because I can draw while sitting on the couch. The only gripe I have for it is the weight. Other than that, the drawing and the flexibility it allows for are great.


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  1. They’re scarily adorable – just right for Halloween season! ;)

  2. This is awesome! Frankie looks so precious. Dem chins! <3

  3. Wow, I’d like to have a tablett to use it like a sketch book ^^ You make me dream about it! And your monsters are fun and expressive ^^ The clever one, and the stupids accolytes!

  4. Simple awesome….

  5. Reblogged this on inn0vationsensation.

  6. really cool

  7. Of course the Cintiq Companion tablet is awesome. I have just a intuos, but I would also like this tablet. Your art is simple but I like your style

  8. Cool, pic. I like it!

  9. They have great expressions! Like!

  10. chokelite says:

    Awesome illustrations. Big like!

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