Elf Life




Some sketches from the the life of Santa’s Elves. #Elflife

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  1. I love these drawings! Not only are they whimsical and fun, but they are beautifully rendered!

  2. Mamun Quiser Opu says:


  3. Mamun Quiser Opu says:

    nice and mindblowing

  4. Beautiful pencil work, I especially like the Christmas bear.

  5. Great sketch !! Love it.

  6. Wow. These are fantastic!

  7. Really nice!

  8. Love your sketches! Really cool modern vibe on the traditional elf costumes, more like Santa’s assembly line.

  9. Just amazing work. Really beautiful. ;-)

  10. That elf, what a character!

  11. Really awesome illustrations. Love them!

  12. Reblogged this on Dizainarii and commented:
    Great illustrations here.

  13. great great great… have no words left! (http://sketchfetch.wordpress.com)

  14. nice drawings


  1. […] subject to make it realistic, cartoony, and alive all at once. The two posts I first saw this were Elf Life, and It’s A Wonderful […]

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