Owls and Bats in October


Been drawing owls and bats this month. I’m staying in line with the Halloween theme.

Haunted Mansion Bust and more busts


Inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion here are some busts I’ve been sketching. These are just quick sketches based on the Mansion busts I remember. The bottom middle is from the Haunted Mansion busts I’ve seen on the web.

Monument Valley


I was going through some files and came across this little piece I did as a fan of Monument Valley. The game is visually stunning and I made this after playing it the first time.

Todd and Copper



Todd and Copper came up this week for Sketch Dailies.
Just some fan art for The Fox and The Hound. Great pals.

Rocket Hack

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket – Groot, hand me the 3/8s wrench.
Groot – I am groot.
Rocket – ugh. Nevermind.

Box Turtle

Box Turtle
Box Turtle sketch and character design.

Little Athena and the Owls

Little Athena

Little Athena for Sketch Dailies topic last week.

Sweet Pea Fitness




Just trying to get in shape.

Super Bowl XLVIII


I drew this before the game. Sadly, not much of a game. Congrats Seattle! yay Sportsball :)

Elf Life




Some sketches from the the life of Santa’s Elves. #Elflife

It’s A Wonderful Life

Wonderful Life

I gave myself a personal holiday project to work through the characters of the classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. Still plugging away, it’s been challenging. When I finish, I’m going back to drawing snowmen.

Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon

I’ve been drawing famous mustaches for Movember. Here’s one of my favorites, Commissioner James Gordon.


Some monster characters I drew on the Cintiq Companion. This tablet is awesome because I can draw while sitting on the couch. The only gripe I have for it is the weight. Other than that, the drawing and the flexibility it allows for are great.



character design

Monstober, Day 8. Keeping it going with Gill.

Monstober, Week One

I decided to challenge myself to draw a monster a day for the month of October. Mostly, because I love Halloween and it’s a way to celebrate it everyday. So far, it’s been a blast. I’m planning on drawing some famous monsters mixed in with some I’ve made up. The medium’s been pretty open, some drawn digitally some drawn analog. This first batch makes up the first week of Monstober. So, here’s the first week. The more famous ones this week include, Dean Hardscrabble from Monsters University and the Asteroid Slug from The Empire Strikes Back. Rawr!








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