Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

This is what happens when you watch documentaries, you learn something about people that compels you to draw them. So here are some studies of Mark Twain from last week.


Zebra Illustration

Illustration Friday topic: Refresh.


yeti lineup



So many Yetis, so little time.


Illustration Friday Grounded

Illustration Friday – Grounded.
With the flying invention, the pig needed a strong tailwind to launch him. Unfortunately, there was little wind.

Biking Badger Messenger

Badger Bike Messenger


Illustration Friday Sink
Illustration Friday. This week’s topic: Sink.


For Illustration Friday – Brigade.
This is the Snow Day Recon Brigade, made up of small heroes, big bears and bounty hunters. Soon, here up North there will be snow days, I did this in anticipation of those short, cold December days.

I want to tweak the background a bit. Once I’m done I’ll have it up in my shop.

If anyone is interested in this as a desktop wallpaper, I have these available in the following sizes. Simply right-click to Save Image or Set to Desktop. Not to be used for commercial use, personal use only, All Rights Reserved, Dave Mott.


Illustration Friday - Round

For Illustration Friday – Round from the rotund man himself. Started to make him in snow globe but wasn’t liking the reindeer being inside the circle.


Vanity Fox

Illustration Friday Topic: Vanity – Illustration, the Vain Fox.

Illustration Friday: Silent

Silently Fishing

This weeks’ Illustration Friday Topic – Silent. In this case, Silently Fishing.
Max, the king of ferocious beasts and his best friend, sat silently waiting for the fish to bite.


Zebra Illustration
Illustration Friday topic – Stripes. This worked out well because I am working on an illustrated set of safari animals. I wanted to do a Zebra for the next animal in the set.

Halloween Cards – V is for Voodoo

Voodoo Witch Doctor

Finishing up the last 3 for 13 Days of Halloween Letter Illustrations. This one is Dr. Facilier from Disney’s Princess and the Frog. This week’s Illustration Friday’s topic – Scary.


Illustration Friday Fuel

This week’s Illustration Friday – Fuel. Fuel = Coffee


Flying Contraption
Get to da chopper! Contraption is this week’s Illustration Friday topic.
This image was inspired by the 1947 contraption called the “Hoppi-Copter” made by Horace T. Pentecost.  This single seated flying copter aspired to be “The Motorcycle of the Sky.” You can learn more about the “Hoppi-Copter” on The Hargrave Pioneers of Aviation and Aeromodeling website. I added a jet engine to the back, because well…everything looks more powerful with a jet engine attached.



For this week’s Illustration Friday topic Hibernate, I wanted to illustrate a bear resting, but really call out the quilt. I’d like to add a detail of the clock showing the different seasons.


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