It’s A Wonderful Life

Wonderful Life

I gave myself a personal holiday project to work through the characters of the classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. Still plugging away, it’s been challenging. When I finish, I’m going back to drawing snowmen.

Young Harry


Young Harry Potter.

Star Wars week sketchbook dump

max reebo








Last week, I gave myself the challenge of doing a Star Wars themed week of sketches. Pretty fun challenge, forced me to look at some characters differently.

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys

Lost Boys Close Up

The Lost boys from Peter Pan drawing, last night’s pencil drawing.

Hellboy 2, The Golden Army

Hellboy 2

This drawing was done in respect to Mike Mignola, Guillermo del Toro and Hellboy 2, The Golden Army. I did this for the Ink Stew Crew monthly post. I thought this was a great movie, and the Hellboy imagery is so intense. I’m also starting a blog dedicated to pencil work only called – Lead Head, it’s now up and I’ll be posting any sketches/drawings there as well.

snip snip

Edward Scissorhands

Today’s Daily Sketch. I watched Edward Scissorhands last night.

5 Weeks of Marvels


I can’t believe it’s been five weeks since Natalie Smith, Keith Frawley and I started a weekly Marvel heroes and villains rebound series. Anyhow, here’s a summary of the art I created for these characters, starting with The Punisher.

Sketching Robots, Wall-e


I have an assignment coming up with some robot character designs. I went back and sketched one of my favorites for reference. I drew this using Manga Studio with a Cintiq.

Halloween Cards – V is for Voodoo

Voodoo Witch Doctor

Finishing up the last 3 for 13 Days of Halloween Letter Illustrations. This one is Dr. Facilier from Disney’s Princess and the Frog. This week’s Illustration Friday’s topic – Scary.

Halloween Cards – M is for Mayor of Halloweentown

Mayor of Halloweentown
The Mayor of Halloweentown from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

Kidnap the Sandy Klaws

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Continuing the Halloween Letter Series – T is for Troublemakers or T is for Trick or Treaters. In this case it’s Lock, Shock and Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Chewie & Sloth

Today’s sketch, Drinking buddies.
I know, I know, random. For the fully colored version, click here.

The Goonies…Sloth

One of the many great things about the Goonies, Sloth. Last night’s sketch. I once tricked a friend into the idea that they were making a Goonies 2, lol. Unfortunately, there is a chance they will try to recreate this and ruin it.

Reservoir Dogs, Cards on the Table

Finally wrapping up on this illustration. The concept was to assemble the Pantone swatches over the bank blueprint plans and draw out their plans. I also wanted to make the tabs look like they were actually torn out of a book. The print is available here on the Society 6 Shop.

Lookin’ back on the track for a little green bag.

So I was looking at my Pantone book, while working and semi-watching Reservoir Dogs. I woke up the next morning and thought how cool it would be to mix the 2. I always thought the anonymous name by use of a color was a great idea, so why not define the character with a Pantone swatch? Each color can say so much and a specific hue helps define each character.  My goal is to do a 2 color run by hand, something I’m working toward.  You can find both the prints and t-shirts up on the store. Thanks for looking!


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