Elf Life




Some sketches from the the life of Santa’s Elves. #Elflife

Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon

I’ve been drawing famous mustaches for Movember. Here’s one of my favorites, Commissioner James Gordon.


Some monster characters I drew on the Cintiq Companion. This tablet is awesome because I can draw while sitting on the couch. The only gripe I have for it is the weight. Other than that, the drawing and the flexibility it allows for are great.


Monstober, Week One

I decided to challenge myself to draw a monster a day for the month of October. Mostly, because I love Halloween and it’s a way to celebrate it everyday. So far, it’s been a blast. I’m planning on drawing some famous monsters mixed in with some I’ve made up. The medium’s been pretty open, some drawn digitally some drawn analog. This first batch makes up the first week of Monstober. So, here’s the first week. The more famous ones this week include, Dean Hardscrabble from Monsters University and the Asteroid Slug from The Empire Strikes Back. Rawr!







Drawing Characters on a Plane

Sketched out this guy on my plane ride home. Staches and combovers all around :)

Courage, heart and smarts

wizard of Oz

Here’s a take of the Oz trio and their rewards.



Character studies and some color studies for the Bullfighter.

Pretty Optimistic

20130429-102144.jpgOnward and upward, pretty kitty.

Ye Royal Dog Cone

A new design for dog cones to help our pets look a bit more majestic.


Caffeinated Owls

Caffeinated Owls

I’ve had multiple requests this week to make a print out of these works. So for those who are interested, here you go – http://society6.com/davemott/Caffeinated-Owls_Print

April Character Sketches


Some more random character sketches from this month. I need to get better at adding these to the blog.

To Infinity and Beyond…

Kids in Space

This sketch for kids who dream about going into space and all the kids that have suffered pointlessly this week. It has been a horrible week, and continued thoughts and prayers for the people of Boston.

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

This is what happens when you watch documentaries, you learn something about people that compels you to draw them. So here are some studies of Mark Twain from last week.

Panda Hat Girl sketch

20130212-213700.jpg 20130212-213714.jpg

80′s Arcade Heroes

Arcade Heroes

Arcade heroes of the 1980′s!


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