Star Wars week sketchbook dump

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Last week, I gave myself the challenge of doing a Star Wars themed week of sketches. Pretty fun challenge, forced me to look at some characters differently.

sith dog

Sith Dog

Did this painting based on my dog and added Vader to it. Prints are now available in my shop.

Darth Tiki

Darth Tiki

This next project has me obsessing with Tikis, made this one the other day.

Get Paid WIP

Bounty Hunters

I draw Bounty Hunters in my spare time. Still in the process of drawing the type below the characters.

Scum and Villiany WIP

Boba Fett

My pet project. Still inking and reworking some elements. I’ll be adding some type around the waistline as well. Dengar is wayy more detailed than I thought.

Leia & Chewie, Part 2

Princess Leia and Chewbacca

Cloud City Shakedown.

Leia & Chewie, Part 3 – Fearless & Inventive

Fearless and Inventive

Jumping ahead to the last Episode, couldn’t wait to do the Bounty Hunter costume.
Chewie’s expression: “She’ll do it, she’ll totally do it.”

Leia sketch from this AM

Princess Leia
Pencil sketch of Princess Leia, more of a study sketch for the next color piece.

For Joe, WIP – Darth Vader vs. T-Rex

T-Rex Dinosaur Illustration

I’ve been wanting to draw this since I was 8. Now, I finally get to draw this for my nephew for this year’s Christmas present.

Some Assembly Required

Shout out to the elf who put together the Star Wars playset for me when I was ten. As a new dad looking forward to years of some assembly required on Christmas Eve night. Merry Christmas!

Admiral Ackbar

For a Few Dollars More

French versions of the movie poster. I am still working on the typography.

Started Laying down the Inks.

I think I watched For a Few Dollars More at least twice this past week. It made me wonder what it would be like if Boba Fett was a bounty hunter in the old west. So this illustration has a mix of Boba and Clint Eastwood’s Famous Pancho.

Good Ole Yoda

Kinda picturing if Yoda was at the bus stop.

Star Wars Color Sketches

Here are some old drawings I did of Jedi and Sith, this was a while ago, I’ve been meaning to put these out there. I drew over the sketches in Illustrator and added the colors with Illustrator as well. I had fun with the colors and expressions. Yoda started it all, once I did that one I didn’t want to stop. I haven’t seen the Clone Wars movie yet, but it reminded me of these.


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