Blues Sketchbook

More to come.

Blues Singin’

Pencil sketch.

Ernie plays the Blues

Sketch, composition of a Blues Musician, these have been my favorite subjects.

Blues Man Sketch


O Brother, Where Art Thou

Tommy Johnson from O Brother, Where Art Thou

Love this movie! Sketch of Tommy Johnson from the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou.” This movie has some amazing characters, Big Dan Teague, Pappy O’Daniel, Homer Stokes, Delmar, Pete, Everett and George “Don’t Call Me Babyface” Nelson. So many sketches I wanna do, so little time.

Blues Man Portrait Sketch

I wanted this to have a cool, musical border around it. Also, I wanted to have an old classic feel by having him in an oval shape. I like the sketch and soon I hope to be able to paint it.


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