Cleo’s Cat

Cleo's Cat


character design

Monstober, Day 8. Keeping it going with Gill.

Drawing Characters on a Plane

Sketched out this guy on my plane ride home. Staches and combovers all around :)



Lion painting studies in photoshop.

Nashville Fox


Nashville Fox was quite the musician.

April Character Sketches


Some more random character sketches from this month. I need to get better at adding these to the blog.

The Candy Corn Kid

The Candy Corn Kid

Wreck-It-Ralph inspired character design, The Candy Corn Kid.

Firefox Character Sketch

red panda sketch

A character sketch I did this week, from some of the previous animals drawings I did earlier this week.

The LineUp

Chareacter Line Up 1

Character LineUp

Here’s my character lineup for an upcoming children’s book project. The story takes place with the main characters going thru the city and encountering these different characters.

The Mole

Adding Colors, Working Into Character…


I’m trying some softer painting techniques, all my brushes have been really gritty – pastelly. So, I’m trying to go softer. I think the rougher edges work better. I was cutting out pretty distinct shapes and painting inside, trying to move away from that as well.



raccoon studies sketches

Raccoon character studies for a book project.

Dragons, It’s their year.

Dragon Sketches

The Year of the Dragon. Just some various head studies from sketching last night.

AM Sketches


I like the way the gator turned out, so I tried to more sketches of movement and character.


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