April Character Sketches


Some more random character sketches from this month. I need to get better at adding these to the blog.

Flying Sea Horse


New species of winged seahorse.

Firefox Character Sketch

red panda sketch

A character sketch I did this week, from some of the previous animals drawings I did earlier this week.

The LineUp

Chareacter Line Up 1

Character LineUp

Here’s my character lineup for an upcoming children’s book project. The story takes place with the main characters going thru the city and encountering these different characters.


yeti lineup



So many Yetis, so little time.


raccoon studies sketches

Raccoon character studies for a book project.

Owl Character Sketches

owl character designs

Some Owl sketches.

Blues Sketchbook

More to come.

Shocked Grandpa & Friends…

Well, Here’s the colored version of the previous sketch for the children’s book I’m working on. I’m working with alot of textures here – in the hat and jeans, still in progress.

El Gordo

Introducing the wrestler El Gordo. Drawing Luchadores is so fun, so many different ways to capture them. This was just a sketch that turned into a Luchadore. I’ll be posting lots more since I am having a blast drawing them.


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