Sweet Pea Fitness




Just trying to get in shape.

Trees and Treehouse sketching





Lots and lotsa tree studies up in here. I’m more into drawing landscape elements now than ever.

To Infinity and Beyond…

Kids in Space

This sketch for kids who dream about going into space and all the kids that have suffered pointlessly this week. It has been a horrible week, and continued thoughts and prayers for the people of Boston.

Panda Cat

Panda Cat

Totally inspired by this guy – http://pinterest.com/pin/363525001141484778/

My Friend the Bear…

My Friend the Bear


Today’s sketch, matching sunglasses.

Head In The Clouds

Kid Illustration


Today’s drawing. Sketch based on having your “Head in the Clouds” or in this case daydreaming.

Yeti and Friends

Yeti Illustration
Working with and learning Corel Painter 12. Loving the charcoal brushes, most of this illustration was used with that brush. Started this with a pencil sketch and redrew it in Painter as well.

This Summer at Camp Tiki

Camp Tiki

Kid’s story illustration about their adventures this summer.

Big Dog, Big Imagination


Big dogs rule when you’re a little kid. So many different scenarios to come up with.

Rabbit Character Sketches



Some character development sketches for a children’s story I’m working on. The story is based on a Buddhist proverb.


Bear Illustration
I’m using Procreate on the iPad, just experimenting with the brushes and textures. So far I really like the app, it does a great job with the wet brush.

The LineUp

Chareacter Line Up 1

Character LineUp

Here’s my character lineup for an upcoming children’s book project. The story takes place with the main characters going thru the city and encountering these different characters.

Last Night’s Sketch


Drawing some characters last night. Recently bought some eraser pencils so I’m trying to draw with those a bit more now.

Seuss Tribute Drawing – Fox in Socks

Fox Seuss

Drawing I did tonight in honor of Dr. Seuss.

Mole Character Design

More work on the Mole character design, adding in some props and background elements. The line work is giving me a good outline, but I’ll probably lose those and just go with shapes to make up the character.


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