Cleo’s Cat

Cleo's Cat


character design

Monstober, Day 8. Keeping it going with Gill.



Good old Hagrid.

Bunny Quest




Picturing Link as a Bunny. The character always had these long ears, so the rabbit character made sense.

Drawing Characters on a Plane

Sketched out this guy on my plane ride home. Staches and combovers all around :)

One More Treehouse


April Character Sketches


Some more random character sketches from this month. I need to get better at adding these to the blog.

To Infinity and Beyond…

Kids in Space

This sketch for kids who dream about going into space and all the kids that have suffered pointlessly this week. It has been a horrible week, and continued thoughts and prayers for the people of Boston.

Panda Hat Girl sketch

20130212-213700.jpg 20130212-213714.jpg

Firefox Character Sketch

red panda sketch

A character sketch I did this week, from some of the previous animals drawings I did earlier this week.


Bear Illustration
I’m using Procreate on the iPad, just experimenting with the brushes and textures. So far I really like the app, it does a great job with the wet brush.

Tiki Love

Tiki Love

More character development for the Tiki characters.

Edna Mode

Tonight’s sketch of Edna Mode while in Art School.

R is for Remote-Controlled Robots by Rabbits

Letter R

Rocks & robins also included.


Drawing Hands, Starting with Framework

Hands for the Blog

Doing this because I am terrible at drawing hands. This sketch is really about keeping the knuckles on an arch. So many times, I’ve aligned these on a straight line. That was completely wrong.

It’s been a very long time since I did any anatomy reference sketches. I have drifted away from keeping the basics in mind. So, this sketch is part of an anatomy journal I’ll be keeping.


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