Trees and Treehouse sketching





Lots and lotsa tree studies up in here. I’m more into drawing landscape elements now than ever.

My Friend the Bear…

My Friend the Bear


Today’s sketch, matching sunglasses.

Head In The Clouds

Kid Illustration


Today’s drawing. Sketch based on having your “Head in the Clouds” or in this case daydreaming.

Big Dog, Big Imagination


Big dogs rule when you’re a little kid. So many different scenarios to come up with.



Letter Parade

Letter Parade

The Letter Parade project soon to be published.

Y is for Yo

Y is for

T is for Triangle


Lettercard T illustration, had to have a Tiki in there.

P is for…

LetterCard P

Pig Pirates holding a Pan & Paintbrush. Pears, Patches and Panda pirates as well.

R is for Remote-Controlled Robots by Rabbits

Letter R

Rocks & robins also included.


LetterCard L is for…

LetterCard L

Lions, Ladybugs, Llamas and Leaves

M is for Moose, Mail and Monkeys with Magnets

M is for...

Had fun making Lettercard M, moving right along on these. I’ll be posting an updated alphabet soon.

A-I Letter Card Illustrations


Here’s where we’re at with the LetterCard App Illustrations.

D is for…

D is for...

Moving right along with the letter cards.

C is for…

C is for Cat

Cats, Cars, Clouds, and Cupcakes.


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