Caffeinated Owls

Caffeinated Owls

I’ve had multiple requests this week to make a print out of these works. So for those who are interested, here you go –


Barred owl

Y’know, you draw an owl and pretty soon it’s impossible to stop yourself. Barred owl sketch in progress in Manga Studio.


Screetch Owl

Late-night drawing session.

Who Said That?


Owl Ball

owl ball

Owl Character Sketches

owl character designs

Some Owl sketches.



The Great Grey Ghost

There’s something about Owls. The Great Grey Owl is also called the Great Gray Ghost, Phantom of the north, Cinereous Owl, Spectral Owl, Lapland Owl, Spruce Owl, Bearded Owl and Sooty Owl. All very cool names for a beautiful raptor.


Experimenting/Painting with some handmade brushes. Liking the effect of drawing a brush that I’m using on a painting.

Swingin’ Owl

Wayy Out Swingin' OWL

Inspired by Ward Kimball & C. August Nichols – Toot Whistle Plunk and Bloom (1953)
And in light of the Oscars being tonight, This film won Best Animated Short Film in 1953.
Ward Kimball was asked to rework the film to be the first Cinemascope cartoon for Disney.

For more information about this classic, you can view it here, thanks IMDB


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