Panda Hat Girl sketch

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Cliff Tree

Tree Drawing

Tree Illustration

Today’s sketch.

Lead Head


Today’s sketch.

The Forest Horse

Horse Pencil Drawing

The Forest Horse

This drawing is all about an old fun park where I grew up called Idora Park. Idora Park was in Youngstown, Ohio which came on hard times many years ago. It was one of many steel towns that busted in the 80s. Idora Park was set in Mill Creek Park, which is still a beautiful park that is worth a drive. This park had an amazing carousel. The carousel was built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The horses and carousel have been beautifully restored and are now  Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn New York.

Happy Thanksgiving!

IF: Déjà vu

Bears on a Bicycle

Bears on a Bike


More Acrobatic Bear Sketches

I thought the expression was the right direction on the previous sketch but wanted to make him a bit more realistic.

You can buy the print or t-shirt here.

IF: Immovable

March MODOK Madness


Only Jack Kirby could come up with the original character design for MODOK and still make it look intriguing. I was inspired yesterday by the March Madness Modok Blog, so I sketched this out.

Illustration Friday:Focused

Tough Time Bear

Tough Bee

Tough Guy Bee

Indian Chief Sketch

Indian Sketch

Pug Face Sketch

Pug Face Dog Sketch

small size, big personality…


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