Pretty Optimistic

20130429-102144.jpgOnward and upward, pretty kitty.

Panda Hat Girl sketch

20130212-213700.jpg 20130212-213714.jpg

Flying Sea Horse


New species of winged seahorse.

Cliff Tree

Tree Drawing

Tree Illustration

Today’s sketch.

Head in the Trees

Started this Sunday night waiting in the airport for the long trip home.

Reading in Black & White

Panda Bear Sketch

This AM’s sketch, hopefully this will be used as a spot illustration for a newsletter.

Sketching this AM

girl sketches

Girl Sketches

Some sketching this AM of some female characters, I am weaker at drawing the female figure, this is something I need to improve on. My goal is to sketch every morning.

Paul R. Bear, Arctic Photographer

Polar Bear Illustration

Combining Bear sketches with some beautiful antique cameras. I ran across this page, about Antique Wood Camera Collector Rob Niederman. I find old wooden cameras to be so rustic and interesting. Sampled on the right of my sketch are a couple from  Rob’s page. The look of these cameras fits right in with some of the bears I’ve been drawing. There’s something to be said for the craftsmanship of these cameras, hand-made and custom-built of leather, brass and wood. They are functional works of art from photographic history.

IF: Déjà vu

Bears on a Bicycle

Bears on a Bike


More Acrobatic Bear Sketches

I thought the expression was the right direction on the previous sketch but wanted to make him a bit more realistic.

You can buy the print or t-shirt here.

March MODOK Madness


Only Jack Kirby could come up with the original character design for MODOK and still make it look intriguing. I was inspired yesterday by the March Madness Modok Blog, so I sketched this out.

The Door

I’ve been looking at old Disney Alice in Wonderland children’s book, and sketched this tonight. Keeping with the Alice theme this week.

Illustration Friday: Wilderness

Grandpa Beaver’s Ice Fishin’ Trip, thought it would be a cool concept for this week’s topic but also to tell a story for a children’s book using nostalgic illustrations/collages.

IF: Confined

This weeks topic is Confined, so I wanted to do a sketch that is that feeling when you’re stuck in bed, but still want to do something.

Bulldog Twitter Sketch


To display their mascot as a twitter I thought it’d be cool to give the dog a bird costume. It was easy to add wings, it’ll be cool to add color and render this sketch.


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